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Corporate Governance

GCG principles play a major part in the company’s management system. They help direct and adjust the company policies so that it will be able to perform professionally based on transparency, accountability, responsibility, and independency. PTC, as a company with customer service as its main focus, must have a set of noble attributes to uphold in order to produce the best and most capable resources. The application of those attributes is known as GCG (Good Corporate Governance) whose goal is to increase added values for stakeholders.

PTC possesses its own Company Governance Guide. Within this book is a complete and comprehensive assistance on how to apply the GCG principles effectively, starting from the theoretical definition up to the practical approach. It begins with the explanation of structures in corporate governance; roles, duties, authorities, and rights for each division in the organization. It also describes in detail the process of appointing Commissioners and Directors, how to compose RJPP (Rencana Jangka Panjang Perusahaan), RKAP (Rencana Kerja dan Anggaran Perusahaan), also how and when to organize RUPS (Rapat Umum Pemegang Saham), etc. It also explains about human resources management, company’s operational activities, risk avoidance technique, IT applications, procurement process, audit system, CSR, HSE handling, asset reclaims, and relationship with stakeholders.

The Guide is supposed to be a manual, a primary source of information for everything work-related. It should be free and available to be accessed by all elements of the company. It is hoped that with a single source book, the image of the company will improve and the overall work performances will increase.

In order to enforce the application of the GCG (Good Corporate Governance) and CoC (Code of Conduct) at Pertamina Training and Consulting (PTC), the following is hereby announced:

  • Council of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and all PTC employees are NOT ALLOWED to take a gift/gifts or gratification in any form, either directly or indirectly, from all PTC stakeholders, including but not limited to Idul Fitri, Christmas Eve, Diwali, and any other occasions.
  • If one knows for sure or have any information regarding others (PTC employees) that asks for or accepts a gift/gifts or gratification from/to stakeholders, either on personal behalf or PTC, please do report to us. You can reach us through ptc.care@pertamina-ptc.com. Please fulfill the form with clear and complete identity.
  • With the increased intensity of sponsorship proposal for certain activities on behalf the company, directors, or other PTC affiliates, and also regarding fraud and deceptive attempts on recruitment process, we hereby inform everyone to be cautious and careful. PTC has NEVER asked for a fee in any form for every recruitment process and has NEVER been in a joint cooperation with any agent about transportation and accommodation.
  • Should you have questions, reports, or any other relevant information about PTC, you can contact us through:

email : ptc.care@pertamina-ptc.com
No.Tlp : 0858 8396 9000
Portal whtistle Blower : http://pertamina-ptc.com/compliance/
Instagram : ptc_id
Facebook : @ptc.pertamina

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